Are you taking your life seriously?

Hello there!

Yes, today after having spoken with a client I had the right impression of a person who does not see the endless possibilities that each of us has in life . How come ? Well because most of us have obstructions in our mind , they can be limiting beliefs about ourselves and others. I do not treat beliefs as the truth although many of my clients believe so . For me beliefs are best guesses based on previous experiences. These limiting beliefs act as self-fulfilling prophecies. We act as our beliefs are true, we are following them without questiong them . If we believe the earth is round is a good proven belief and we do not question it , if we believe that we do not have new possibilities to find a job, for example , this is a belief coming from some negative experience in the past that we have generilized and we think of it as a truth. Other example of limiting beliefs come from our childhood , what our parents have taught us . We have learnt these beliefs so we can unlearn them in the same way. We are not born with all the fears and restrictions we carry into adulthood . Think about : how many times have you been stopped by doing or learning something new just because some thought in your head stopped you? You can , with some help , get rid of the limiting beliefs which act like gremlins in your head and little by little becoming aware of how your mind can create its own saboteus . How many times did you do self sabotage because of a hidden , dangerous limiting beliefs about yourself? there is always a limiting belief behind any problem you have . Next time you are going to take action and a thought stops you , pause for a moment..... Where is this tought coming from? From fear ? From a concept you heard ? Did somebody teach you this long time ago? Believe or not we certainly have a lot of limiting beliefs about ourselves and the others . So watch out!