Gabiria, what you are doing now is the best thing ever happened in Stockholm in the last 23 years as far as woman presence and self development work. You are important for waking up the women who have started here the woman’s liberation.
Yes we want to be feminine and successful, how do we do that? You are beautiful and super feminine , you are the incarnation of a woman , women want to copy you . You are on the right track . The Art of Feminine Presence is what we want and need now in Stockholm!
— Sigrid Fondberg
Initially, I did not feel much. But just like a seed, it took some time to hatch. Only after I reflected a few months later, I noticed a marked difference in my behavior. I am more confident in most business situations. People listen to what I say and take notice. So I am certain it works very well!
— Vasilij Savin

|  NLP

Gabiria is a warm-hearted and grounded person and with her knowledge, experience and high international standard of NLP and coaching, she has helped me to fulfill my dream to start up and develop my own business. She has kept me on the right path when my thoughts have gone astray, encouraged me to take massive action and given me knowledge about myself that has been crucial for developing my business concept. Gabiria has given me a solid foundation to keep developing for the rest of my life! I am both grateful and honored to have had Gabiria as a coach! She is an immense resource both as a coach and for the NLP community in Sweden.
— Maria Lannér | Founder & CEO Neptunia

|  Hypnosis

The hypnosis session with Gabiria was an true eye opener for me. After years of struggling with depression and worries, and not understanding my true, deep, real desire, it became so clear to me what I wanted to do with my life. The answer came to me during the session and grew stronger and clearar each day after the session. So now suddenly I have taken a direct action towards my self development to start a new career, the path i knew unconsciously for so many years that is what I wanted to do. And it is all in favor of Gabiria Brandimarte.
— Charlotte Bratt

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