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The Art of Feminine Presence Second Workshop | Puglia, Italy

Enjoy a retreat with me in Puglia, 5 full days immersed in a beautiful nature where you will learn powerful  practices in "The Art of Feminine Presence "TM.

With the practices that I will teach you: 
You will become more attuned with your feminine intuition, you will learn how to be more visible in presence of others, you will be more focused on your body instead of your mind. 
You will be feeling more energized and be seen for whom you really are as a woman. 

We are very often prays of our thoughts and as animals migrate in search of water when there is dryness around them, we are as well craving to be in contact with our bodies, because we know that our body has the wisdom of our deep desires. 

By tapping in the energy that resides in your body you will avoid the worries which often clutter your mind and you will make decisions which resonates with your deep self .
Join  this amazing workshop for the first time in Italy in the heart of the abundance of millennial olive trees where the soil is pregnant of wonderful fruits. 

  • The classes will be held in English and Italian
  • The classes will be consisting of 2 hours and half each day... You are free to practice with your mates as much as you wish and I will be there to supervise . 
  • You are free the rest of the day to enjoy sightseeing, the food and every other activity is organized according to the desires of the group. 
  • The environment is safe, discreet and my intention for you is that you feel well and energized with this work! 
  • Self development growth is an on going process so I will not push you more then what is congruent with your being and where you are now.

The Beautiful Borgo San Marco

Read More About Borgo San Marco

If you are interested to private coaching you can contact me in private and we can have a discussion about it. 

Enjoy your day as much as you can! 

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Art of Feminine Presence Workshop
3:30 PM15:30

Art of Feminine Presence Workshop

A woman’s personal presence and magnetism grows when she connects with her feminine presence .

In pursuit of equality and power , however , many women have taken on a more masculine role .

In their desire to be strong and independent , many women have shut themselves off from their softness, their sensuality , and the feminine energy that not only makes their lives more pleasurable and fulfilling ,it gives them a radiant power -and is what a masculine partner desires  most .
They have unwittingly closed down the ability  to attract the healthy  attention they want -from men and women-without even realizing they have done it .

Today I am going to help you answer the question why some women walk into a room with a magnetic presence and are noticed by many, while others are not.

You will discover tools today that can turn on this mysterious force whenever you want - even when the stakes are high.

I teach The Art of Feminine Presence because women’s hearts are aching: for love, attention, appreciation, and physical touch.

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