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Art of Feminine Presence Workshop

  • Balanscenter 111B Brännkyrkagatan Stockholm, Stockholms län, 117 26 Sweden (map)

Welcome to the first workshop in the Art of Feminine Presence in Stockholm!

Join Gabiria Brandimarte for a workshop on the Art of Feminine Presence. Registration starts at 8:30am and the workshop continues through to 1:00pm. 

A woman's personal presence and magentism grow when she connects with her feminine essence. In pursuit of equality and power, however, many women have taken a more masculine role. 

In their desire to be strong and independent, many women have shut themselves off from their softness, their sensuality, and the feminine energy that not only makes their lives more pleasurable and fulfilling, it gives them a radiant power - and is what a masculine partner desires most. 

They have unwittingly closed down to the ability to attract the healthy attention they want - from men and women - without even realizing they have done it. 

During this workshop I am going to help you answer the question why some women walk into a room with a magnetic presence and are noticed by many, while others are not. 

You'll discover tools today that can turn on this mysterious force whenever you want - even when the stakes are high.

I teach the Art of Feminine Presence because women's hearts are aching: for love, attention, appreciation, and physical touch. 

* We yearn for a passionate love relationship that will deeply satisfy us, but many women are losing faith that an extraordinary relationship is possible, or after being married for a while, they notice the passion is dwindling.

* We want to fell our attractive power so that we can be in the flow of life, rather than always having to push to make things happen.

* We want to experience our tender, succulent, sensual side, but most women don't know how to reclaim her delicious self. To embody this internal power and pleasure, a woman needs to connect to her unique feminine essence.